UPDATE: As of May 5th, this grant has been completely funded! Thank you to everyone who donated, check back for blog updates about the progress of the grant’s implementation and the creation of our English Resource & Technology Center at school!  

In a school where our only resource is the chalkboard, we are raising funds to create an English Technology and Resource Center in southwestern Ukraine. This grant will provide our school with a computer, printer, projector, white board, and perhaps most importantly, quality textbooks. Our 10th and 11th grades currently have no English textbooks at all, so for them this grant will have a huge impact on the quality of their learning experience. For the rest of the students in our school of 600, this Resource Center will prove to be a place where technology meets education, resulting in creative, engaging English lessons that incorporate songs, videos, and Powerpoint presentations.

Our teachers are excited to see how technology can be utilized in their lessons, and will attend seminars in order to learn how to incorporate multimedia resources into their lesson planning. The students will directly benefit from improved lessons, more engaging materials, and the potential for independent study of books in the Resource Center that trigger their interest.

This grant, if funded, will completely revolutionize our English program. It will provide both the teachers as well as the students with an opportunity to engage with English language learning in innovative and interactive ways. Our school is providing 36% of the budget by seeing to the purchase, transportation, and installation of all the new resources in order to see our dream of the English Resource and Technology Center realized. This is where you come in—we’re asking for your assistance in coming up with the rest! Please consider helping us fund this grant.

So how do you give? It’s easy! JUST CLICK HERE.

You should see a page just like this:

Look at the panel on the right: it says my name, project number, funds requested ($2667!), funds still needed ($2432!), and then there is a black box with a dollar sign. You simply enter how much you want to donate, and then click “donate” and it will guide you through the process. If you have any questions, just let me know!

What’s is in it for you? A HUGE thank-you from myself and from the First School of Sokyriany. I’ve also devised a tangible way of thanking anyone who donates, so here is my system (this is so American of me it makes me chuckle):

  • If you give $1-24: Friendship Partner! Дружба партнера!
    • You will receive a thank-you newsletter, complete with photos and a description of how the grant was implemented, signed with the sincerest thanks of myself and my fellow teachers!
  • If you give $25: Bronze Star Partner! Бронзова зірка партнер!
    • In addition to receiving the thank-you newsletter, you will receive a home-made thank-you card from one of my younger students, in both Ukrainian and English, explaining how excited and thankful the student is about our new English Resource Center!
  • If you give $50: Silver Star Partner! Срібна зірка партнера!
    • In addition to receiving the thank-you newsletter and a home-made thank-you card from one of my students, you’ll also get your name on a plaque here (more like a poster with a list of names, to be honest), to be enshrined in our English Resource Center so students at our school will know the names of their American friends and donors!
  • If you give $100: Gold Star Partner! золота зірка партнера!
    • In addition to receiving the thank-you newsletter, the home-made thank-you card from one of my students, your name on a plaque/poster-board, you’ll also have the pleasure of being thanked in person on Skype! In May, when the grant has been completed (hopefully) we’ll arrange a time to Skype with one of my classes in the new English Resource Center, so you can not only see what your contribution helped create, but also so you can be thanked by some of my students who are most impacted by this grant!

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide for this project!


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