About Me

My name is Kate (or Kathryn to those who have known me the longest) and I’m a 23 year-old Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Ukraine. I arrived in September 2010, and will be working here as an English teacher until December 2012. I joined Peace Corps right after graduating college (Taylor University!) with a degree in International Studies. I wasn’t ready to consider graduate school, but I knew that it was time to spread my wings before I ended up chained to a desk job! I haven’t regretted the decision yet, although I will admit to the occasional bout of homesickness for the wonderful family and friends I left behind in the U.S. This blog is my attempt to keep everyone up to date on my adventures in Ukraine and my experiences as an English teacher to hundreds of Ukrainian munchkins who don’t speak much English. Some of the blog entries are password-protected, but that’s not meant to deter you from reading them! Its actually Peace Corps policy (read this article to discover why) and I have no choice in the matter. So if you enjoy the non-password-protected blogs and wish to read the rest, just email me for the password at kathrynbaus@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy looking around! : )


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