The Summer Saga: A Note To My Dear Readers

If you’ve read my blog faithfully (or even intermittently) you’ll know that I fell terribly behind in blogging this summer. I wasn’t home much (only about 2 weeks total out of three months) and as soon as I got home, school started! I’m so sorry for the delay, and so grateful you’re still reading these entries, even though they’re months late 🙂

I thought of throwing in the towel at the prospect of having to blog my whole summer, I was so overwhelmed by the idea. But this blog has been a faithful testament to my years in the Peace Corps, and I write not only for you my readers (although you’re about 90% of the reason why), but also so that I’ll have a complete journal of my trials and successes, my ups and my downs, my joys and my sorrows, and all of the crazy in-between memories that have made Peace Corps such an incredible part of my life.

The writer Anais Nin says, “We write to taste life twice; in the moment and in retrospect.” Some parts of my summer I’m looking forward to reliving again, while others I wish I could blot from the record. I was sorely tempted not to relate those unhappy moments, hoping that someday I could forget them. But I don’t think I should attempt to re-write history with this blog, so I’ll include the tears along with the smiles. I hope you enjoy all these memories, thanks for staying with me along this ride 🙂 


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