Grant Update: Progress!

Friends and family! I have good news regarding my grant to create an English Technology and Resource Center at my school—so far $835 has been raised! So if you’re someone who has contributed, or has helped spread the word about this project, I’m sending a huge THANK YOU your way (especially to my Mom, Dawn, and Nancy!) I’m really thankful for the encouragement you ladies have provided, and for your efforts in helping find more donors. You guys are wonderful 🙂

That leaves $1832 remaining, and I’m hoping I can get this money raised in time. Which brings me to the not-so-good news… I found out at one of my meetings this month that the grant has to be completed by the end of the school year, which is roughly 8 weeks away. Closing a grant in Ukraine and turning in receipts and such can take a long time, so there’s a deadline for my fundraising efforts. And the bad news is that if I don’t raise the total amount, every dollar that has been donated is placed in the general account for Peace Corps grants and then re-distributed to a grant that’s closer to completion. So PLEASE, if you’ve been thinking about donating but have postponed it, please donate soon and help me get a little closer to the goal of $2667.

What is your donation going towards, you might ask? We’re trying to create an English Resource and Technology Center, which is just a fancy title for new textbooks (i.e, resources) and a technology lab, complete with a computer, projector, white board, speakers, and a printer. The new textbooks will be for my 10th and 11th graders, who have no textbooks at all right now and generally rely on copies made from the teacher’s book. And the technology lab will be for use solely by the English department, so teachers can use powerpoint and audio-visual supplements for their lessons.

So right now, having raised $835, we’re roughly 1/3 of the way there and have enough money to buy the computer and speakers. So we still need to finance a projector ($750), a white board ($175), a Xerox printer ($300), and 30 textbooks (at $20 per book, a grand sum of $600). And I’m talking about genuine, Oxford textbooks, so my students will be able to study proper English! The English textbooks published in Ukraine are a lot cheaper, but are riddled with mistakes and out-of-date vocabulary. So I know its a lot to ask, especially at a time when the economy is so bad and money is so tight, but could you please consider helping us? Just $20 would buy a textbook and change one of my student’s lives. I can guarantee it’ll be money well spent : )

I thought I’d include pictures of the classroom (and some of my favorite kiddos) where the English Technology and Resource Center will be created. Right now its just an English classroom, and our only source of “technology” is a chalkboard. Sometimes the school doesn’t even have enough money for chalk, and the kiddos have to go buy it themselves. So as you’re looking through this pics, imagine a computer, projector, white board, speakers, and a powerpoint presentation on the board and kiddos singing along in English. You can help us create it, donate today!

Andriy and the rest of the fifth graders hard at work.

I told them I was sending this pic to some Americans who wanted to help us raise money, and this is how big they smiled! 🙂

The English Classroom, where our English Resource & Technology Center will be housed!

To help us make it happen, or to find out how to donate, click this link or the Donate tab at the top right corner of the screen. As always, thanks for reading!


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