Darien Book Aid, And Another Way You Can Help!

Today I followed in the footsteps of many Volunteers before me and applied for this wonderful little thing called Darien Book Aid. This organization out of Connecticut supplies any volunteer with a twenty pound box of books for free! All you have to do is send them an email explaining your work and your purpose for the books, and any specific type of books you’d like, and then a few months later a box shows up at the post office full of books! So I emailed Darien Book Aid about my project to create an English Resource Center, and explained how helpful a shipment of books would be to establish a lending-library in our Resource Center where kids can borrow books to read on their own time. They already responded and promised a shipment, which got me very excited about my grant and all the potential this Resource Center has.

Thank You Darien Book Aid!

I also thought that this is another way you can help! If you have any kids books around the house that you no longer need, I can promise you this little Resource Center in Sokyriany would be a wonderful new home for them! I’m looking for books for kids between the ages of 10 and 17, but even kids books would work for my younger 2nd and 4th grade classes. I’m sure they would love story time in English with a beautiful book full of illustrations! For my older kids, I would love classics such as Nancy Drew, Baby-Sitters Club, Harry Potter, or even the Twilight books. All of my young girls have read Twilight in Russian, and I bet they would attempt it in English if we had the books here! Dr. Seuss would also be great, or Shel Silverstein’s Where The Sidewalk Ends were staples of my childhood, and I’d love to introduce them here.

But I’m really not picky—any books would be a welcome addition to our Resource Center. Kids books would be the best, of course, but maybe the teachers would try reading a book in English if we had something that interested them in the library! So if you’re interested in contributing this way, put the books in a box, print out this label with my address and tape it on, and pop it in the mail! Easy as pie 🙂 

Of if you don’t have any kids books around to donate, you could always just donate to my grant! (Hint, hint). Check out the link here if you’re interested : )


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