Change of Address

Don’t worry, I didn’t move again. (I mean, I did three weeks ago, but not again since then!). I did, however, get a new box at the post office, which effectively changed my mailing address. I had been sharing a P.O box with the other Peace Corps Volunteer who lives in my town, but there was only one key to the box and lately we’ve been having issues with getting the mail delivered to the person who doesn’t have a key (i.e. me), so it was time for a change : )

So now, instead of being P.O. Box # 12, I am P.O. Box #14! The post office lady assured me that if anything comes for me and is labeled #12, she’ll put it in my new box, so don’t worry. But if you plan on sending anything to me in the near future, print out my new address and use it, please! Like always, labeling the envelope with both the English and the Ukrainian address will ensure that it gets to me faster. So double click on the image below, then “save image as” my address, and print it out! Then affix it to a letter or a package of goodies, and send it to me in Ukraine! (Hint, hint.) 😉


2 thoughts on “Change of Address

  1. Tammela says:

    Glad you finally got your own PO box. I like the holiday blog theme!

    • Kate says:

      thanks! Originally i wanted something more festive, like red and green, but this theme works better for Christmas and New Years, which was the main goal 🙂

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