Mom’s Visit to Ukraine!

My Mom came to Ukraine to visit! I didn’t keep up with blogging very well while she was here, so I’m blogging in retrospect. I’m writing all of the following blog entries after the fact, but posting them as if I had kept up with my blog ; ) So here’s a brief introduction to my Mom’s visit, and a map detailing our travels.

Click on the map to make it larger!

Purple star = Sokyriany (My site and home base)

Day 1 (Thursday, April 14): I traveled from Sokyriany to Kiev (this leg of the journey is represented by the pink arrow)

Day 2-3 (Friday the 15th to Saturday the 16th): Mom and I enjoyed Kiev!

Day 3-5 (Saturday evening of the 16th to Monday the 18th): We traveled to the city of Chernivtsi by overnight train and spent 2 days there (this journey is shown by a purple arrow on the map)

Day 5-8 (Monday April 18th to Thursday April 21st): We took a mini-bus to Sokyriany (see the magenta arrow from Chernivtsi to the purple star, which represents my town), where we visited my town and Mom watched me teach at my school!

Day 9 (Friday April 22nd): Mom and I spent the whole day of Good Friday traveling by bus to the city of Chernihiv (see the blue arrow from my town to Chernihiv).

Day 10-12 (Saturday April 23rd to Monday April 25th): We explored Chernihiv and spent Easter in Kolychivka with my host family!

Day 12-14 (Monday April 25th to Wednesday April 27th): Monday night we traveled back to Kiev (yellow arrow on the map) where we stayed until Mom’s flight back to the US left early Wednesday morning.


Day 14-15 (Wednesday April 27th to Thursday April 28th): I traveled to Konotop (depicted by a navy arrow on the map), where I hung out with my friend Danny (one of the people I went to Venice with!) and visited his site.

Day 15-18 (Thursday night the 28th to Sunday, May 1st): I took the overnight train from Konotop to Odessa (an aqua arrow on the map), where I spent the weekend at a meeting for the summer camp I’m working at next month.

Day 18-19: (Sunday night, May 1st to Monday morning): I took an overnight train from Odessa to Chernivtsi (brown curving arrow on the map—the train takes the long route by staying in Ukraine the whole time instead of cutting through Moldova [I’ll explain why later]).

Day 19 (Monday, May 2nd): I took a mini-bus from Chernivtsi back to Sokyriany (blue arrow on the map pointing to the star), finally back home again!

So now you know the itinerary—I’ll explain what happened on each leg of the journey in the following blog posts, each titled by the location. I hope that makes sense! I thought about writing one giant blog post about Mom’s visit, but that wouldn’t do it justice. So you’ll just have to bear with me and read every entry ; ) It’ll be more interesting this way, plus you’ll get to see more pictures. Enjoy!


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