Pics, as promised.

Here is the end result of my baking project! The Amish Wedding cake is the stuff in the red bowl, and the blue tube is ice cream! Now its time for a quick lesson in Ukrainian: ice cream = морозиво (which is pronounced “moroh-zi-voh”). I have no clue how to say “Amish Wedding Cake” in Ukrainian (in fact, there are no Amish in Ukraine  so I bet there is no translation for that word anyways), but we’ll just call it a cake, which is “торт” in Ukrainian (pronounced “tort”—pretty easy!)

And the last word you need to know is: смачного (pronounced “smach-no-ho”), which means “Bon appetit!” Ukrainians say this every time they see you eating, as an expression to wish you a tasty meal. They always ask me how it translates in English, and then look confused when I give them the French response, but I seriously can’t think of how you would put that in English… happy eating to you? We don’t really have an expression for that, and besides, everyone understands “Bon appetit!” : )

So thanks again Mom for the ingredients and the recipe!  You know you’re loved when your Mom sends you your favorite dessert in dummy-proof baggies, so even someone with less-than-stellar cooking skills can replicate a taste of home in a Ukrainian kitchen : ) Love you Mom!