February 11th will go down in history…

As the day that the Egyptians persevered and drove Hosni Mubarak out of power. He was in office 30 years, or 11, 000 days, but it only took 18 days of protests by the Egyptian people to break him. I am so proud of the Egyptians, and praying that the transition period will be free of violence and successful in establishing a government that the people chose. Mohamed El-Baradei (a potential leader in the new government) said that today “is the greatest day of my life. You cannot comprehend the amount of joy and happiness of every Egyptian at the restoration of our humanity and our freedom.”

My heart is full of joy and hope for the next chapter of Egyptian history : ) One of the protesters, Dina Magdi, explained that “The moment is not only about Mubarak stepping down, it is also about people’s power to bring about the change that no one thought possible.” The Egyptians were heard today, in Egypt and around the world. And the change was brought about in such a way that everyone can be proud—persistent, peaceful, daily protests succeeding in bringing about (almost) peaceful change. The lives of the 300 people who died in the last 2 weeks will never be forgotten, but at least their deaths were not in vain, and their legacy was true change. The Egyptians said they wouldn’t settle for anything less than Mubarak’s resignation, and they didn’t. My friend Ramy’s Facebook status is “Raise your head up, you are Egyptian.” Today is a such a proud moment for the Egyptians, and I’m celebrating with them in spirit : )

Mabruuk, ya Masr! (Congratulations Egypt!)


One thought on “February 11th will go down in history…

  1. Tammela says:

    So amazing and inspiring.

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